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VS Newsletter #12 | September 2014 | Chosen Cells


“Chosen Cells” is a sequel to “Solitary Subversives” and Vital Space’s eighth article for Witte de With Review (an initiative of Rotterdam-based Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art).

Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art recently presented WdW Review, an online platform whose structure is organized around four dedicated sections. The first takes the form of reports from several international editorial desks; the second weaves critical and innovative essays with editorial cartoons; the third invites an author to consider a single image through a speculative piece of writing; the last section layers texts commissioned thematically to address the same time and/or place so as to collectively draw a set of discrete volumes on each context in question respectively. In this sense Athens, Beijing, Cairo, Delhi / Calcutta, Istanbul, Jerusalem, Moscow and Shanghai are chosen by WDW Review to function  as local editorial desks.

Vital Space has so far written eight articles for the WDW Review: Chosen Cells (August 2014), Solitary Subversives (June 2014), Of Masks and Shadows (March 2014), Sick Predators (January 2014), The Serpent’s Greek Lair (November 2013), No Signal (September 2013), Birthplace of our Globalizing Wall (July 2013), Of Public Phones and Besieged Humans (May 2013).

The latest article Chosen Cells written by Yanis Varoufakis focuses on civil rights, incarceration and exile at the post-war greek state and it is based on a true story. The article is accompanied by images of Maria Papanikolaou’s artworks, who is also a member of the Vital Space Team. In her work, Maria is inspired a lot by her first degree in law and her practice at the felonies’ department of Athens Supreme Court. Her installations revolve around cases of human rights violations. She uses stories she heard from prisoners and afterwards she creates sculptures, videos and photographs based on fictional jailbreak stories that you can see at her

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Maria Papanikolaou Cells Artwork Royal Academy The Hague 2008 

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