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VS Newsletter #10 | March 2014 | Waterwheel

1. 3WDS14 Symposium |  21st March 2014



Vital Space is pleased to announce its participation in the WATERWHEEL WORLD WATER DAY SYMPOSIUM – 3WDS14. The presentation will take place on March 21st 2014 at 19:30 pm at the Greek Node: Technohoros Gallery, 4 Lebessi & Makriyanni Street,  Acropolis (metro station).

More than 200 scientists, artists, activists and youth from 5 continents will present and interact with audience online and in 18 nodes (physical venues) in Argentina, Australia, Colombia, France, Germany, Greece, Israel, Morocco, New Zealand, Poland, USA, Taiwan and Tunisia.

Exploring water—as a topic and metaphor—Waterwheel is an interactive, collaborative platform for sharing media and ideas, performance and presentation.  Waterwheel investigates and celebrates this constant yet volatile global resource, fundamental element, environmental issue, political dilemma, universal theme and symbol of life. It encourages you to explore and discover, share and collaborate, contribute and participate.

The audience can watch the presentation online by visiting the following link:

To view the Symposium LIVE ONLINE: open your browser with the latest flash plug-in installed and go to and click the top-most Symposium link. Audience who wish to make comments and ask questions in the chat-thread on the right, must first type a username, and click “ENTER”.


To view the program of the Greek Node of the WATERWHEEL WORLD WATER DAY SYMPOSIUM – 3WDS14 / 17-23 March 2014

please click on the image bellow.


To view the program of the  WATERWHEEL WORLD WATER DAY SYMPOSIUM – 3WDS14 / 17-23 March 2014

please click on the image bellow.




“Of Masks and shadows”,  is the sixth article that Yanis Varoufakis and have contributed to the Witte de With Review (an initiative of Rotterdam-based Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art).


To read the new article please click on the image bellow.


To read the WDW REVIEW please click on the image bellow.


The project is based on the poem of Wallace Stevens titled “LEBENSWEISHEITSPIELEREI”<--break->

The lyrics : “The proud and the strong Have departed” marks a huge portion of the history of the African states calling for their independency at the decades of 60 and after. People who were cut off from their land, used to be dependent on slave labor and within a culture imposed on them, had to stay stool when their invaders departed. These mechanisms can also be found at the contemporary consumer societies of the western world. The video focuses on the endless vicious game of them: those who remain, between desire and the “grandeur of annihilation”.


To view the new guest artwork please click on the image bellow.